Week 1 - Be the C.E.O. of Y.O.U.

I’ll help you build a foundation as well as create practices to live from the “Empire Mentality,” which means everything you do treats your business seriously, like the empire it’s about to become.

You’ll discover how to get clear on your core message and show up as a leader.

  • The Foundation Formula: A must-do process to unearth your WHY, connect with your clarity and own your message and value.
  • The “100K” Mantra you must live by that will transform how you show up each day in your business forever. (This is my personal secret for liberating yourself from struggle and resistance.)
  • A Starter-Kit of daily practices to keep you focused and aligned.

Week 2 - Identify Your Ideal Customer

If you don’t have a crystal clear picture about the ideal person you best serve, then you will forever deal with…

  • Lowering your prices to compete with others. (Ugh.)
  • Attracting clients who “can’t afford you” (or who just kick the tires).
  • Trying to figure out your “niche.” (Waste of time)
  • The feast-or-famine cycle of monthly ups and downs.

In this module, you’ll nail down (once and for all) the essential characteristics of your Ideal Client and learn how to attract your “peeps” to you over and over again.

  • The “Ideal Client Clarity Key” that aligns you authentically with the person you are here to serve. (And most WANT to serve!)
  • The 7 reasons people hire you, and how you can use them to take the mystery out of your message and compel people to call you
  • How to overcome the “I can help everyone” epidemic. (Which guarantees you will stay broke.) And how to get specific.
  • The #1 Solo-Business Blunder that very subtly turns people off and actually creates wishy-washy attitudes towards you.

Week 3 - Define Your Results and Communicate Your Value

Most likely, you undervalue yourself.  How do you know?  Unclear messaging, cut-rate pricing, and a whole lot of struggle. The problem might be your mindset.

But more likely, the problem is that you’ve never taken the time to get clear about what you actually DO for your peeps! You simply don’t know how to claim or communicate your value.

That changes here and now.

  • Why you are killing your conversions by sharing your process – and what to do instead.
  • How to turn “soft sell” offers into Must-Have results your prospects want. (Life coaches and healers must learn this one!)
  • But what if I’m scared of being an expert? No worries. I’ll cover specific strategies to take the fear out of positioning yourself as an expert or leader in your field.

Week 4 - Design Premium High Value Packages

Do you ever find yourself catering to people by: Keeping your prices low? Or offering hourly fees?  Giving discounts?

You think you’re doing people a favor, but the reality is… you’re keeping yourself and your clients small.

This is one of the greatest challenges to walk through when you Uplevel your business. It’s also one of the highest forms of service.

This is where you’ll learn how to package your offering so that you are providing the deepest level of transformation – as well as making a sustainable income that helps you serve at the highest level possible.

  • The 5 Extreme Shifts of Raising your Prices (It’s not as hard as you think – but it’s more than just tossing out a number.)
  • Strategies for designing your first “packages.” (HINT: You’ve already got the raw material. This will simply provide the framework.)
  • How to Get Paid to Create a Group Program and risk absolutely nothing. (This is how I made my first $12,000 instantly, with no product at all.)
  • My own personal tips on Formats and lay-outs to consider for the best results, fewest returns, and happiest users.

Week 5 - Automate Your List Building

Call it your “platform.” Call it your “tribe.” Call them your peeps. The name you give it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that you have a list of highly qualified, self-selecting people who look forward to hearing from you.

It takes know-how to build your list. And I’m going to take the guess-work out of that. And even more important, you’ll learn the best strategies for creating a connection with your list.

  • My go-to Strategy for attracting peeps and honoring them. (This builds trust super-fast.)
  • The #1 list-building mindset shift that will Uplevel everything instantly. (This one simple shift is responsible for tripling my income in one year.)
  • 9 sources of traffic that will build your list quickly – and show you how to automate it all.
  • How to focus on the core activities that will build your list right now, even if you are in start-up.
  • How to choose the mailing list system that is best for your business right now. (Don’t be tempted by all the hype. You may not need the most expensive system!)

Week 6 - Create the Best Valuable Free Offer Email Can Buy

If you’ve listened to all the internet marketing gurus, you may think that you can come up with any old crappy free offer, toss it up on your site, and people will just throw their emails at you.  

Wrong. (Or have you noticed?)

There’s a strategy to “free.”

You can build your list in a way that creates a high level of trust (and future sales!) – OR you can waste your time and turn people off.

One of my free offers has been downloaded over 30,000 times. And that’s just ONE of them. (And it has been mostly unpaid, organic traffic!)  This module shows you how I did it.  And how you can do it right.  I will also show you how to honor people by giving them something that they really DO want – something that will make them GRATEFUL to you and want to be connected to you.

  • 7 formats for delivering your Valuable Free Offer and how to choose the one that works best for your peeps and your service (without costing you a lot of money.)
  • My Six-Secret Freebie Formula for what to include in your freebie to turn curious users into devoted fans!
  • My own personal copywriting techniques, audio hints, and lots of other valuable tips to help you sit down and get this step done so you can begin attracting customers
  • An insider peek at some of the biggest mistakes you can make with free offers (and no, I’m not afraid to reveal my own embarrassing moments here, too!)

Week 7 - Get Your Website to Work While You Sleep

Please don’t make the same expensive mistake that almost every business owner makes! Do NOT go out and spend many thousands on a website. In fact, if you’re even thinking of building or re-building your site, please do this module first…

You’re going to learn how to build a site based in your new awareness of your offer and your message – and how to create a simple findable website that your prospects love to visit. You’ll also learn how to communicate with your designer and your programmer to get the best results.

  • Six website mistakes that actually repel people who would otherwise happily opt-in or subscribe.
  • My own simple secrets for creating connection and capturing leads with your site – no matter what page they’re on.
  • Opt-in box essentials. (You’d be amazed at how many people get this wrong and lose potential clients!)
  • The Three “WHY’S” of any effective website and how to make sure your site is doing its work


In addition to our training intensives, each week you’ll get your very own Action Pack, which includes thinking tools, clarity exercises, done-for-you templates, customized resources and samples to model, and checklists to follow.   Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included in the Fast Track Action Packs:

  • Empire Mentality Builder – Action Steps
  • The 10 Beliefs Turn-Around Tool
  • The 7-Day Messaging Tool
  • Uplevel Commitment Contract
  • Ideal Client Basic Demographics
  • Ideal Client – Desires, Dreams, Doubts, and Drawbacks
  • Ideal Client – Your Personal Clarity & Preferences
  • Article Application and Education
  • Pre-Written Email Template – Connecting with your Client
  • Clarity Checkpoint
  • Why They Buy Checklist
  • The “Problems You Solve” Worksheet
  • Features Benefits Results Clarity Tool  
  • Build Your Package Using High Value Components
  • Sample Package Components – Get Ideas Here
  • Name Your Package
  • Build Your Package – Put it together Here
  • Know and Communicate the Value of Your Package Components
  • Pricing Strategies and Mindsets
  • Insights and Action Steps for your List Building
  • Checklist for Automated List Building
  • Calls to Action Templates
  • Customized Shopping Cart Solution Revealer Tool & Quiz
  • Sample Web Designer/Programmer Ad
  • Valuable Free Offer Action Steps
  • Valuable Free Offer – Generator Tool
  • Sample Titles for Valuable Free Offer
  • Website Action Steps Checklist
  • Website Wellness Audit Tool
  • Website Groundwork Clarity Tool
  • Website Navigation Mindmapping Tool and Sample
  • Website Kickstart Checklist
  • Website Resources List
  • The Entrepreneur’s Demystifier 47-page Web Marketing Translator and Glossary
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