Barbara A.

I was so busy doing everything that there was no time left for my creativity and inspiration to expand… I guess you could say that I hit the ceiling and was frustratingly stuck.

Once I understood Christine’s simple systems and was able to implement a new structure within my business, things began to change and flow again.

In one short year I have almost tripled my business – it was one thing to triple a five digit income but a whole new level tripling a six!

admin_monkeyBarbara A.
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Amira A.

Thank you Christine!  Your Uplevel Retreat rocked my world.

I left inspired and empowered, with both clear next steps and de-fogged mindsets.

I did the work just like you instructed and I’ve had the best month ever financially! The tangible results are amazing.  In only one month, I more than doubled my average monthly income!

The best part though, is I now know, in both my heart and head, that I can make the income I want AND really serve the world in my unique way, helping people have less pain, better posture and much more happiness. Woohoo!

admin_monkeyAmira A.
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Ana N.

Within weeks of the event, I finally created the amazing group program I had been wanting to do for months, raised my prices, and I got 11 new clients who happily paid my Upleveled prices for my very own proprietary program (yay!). I will be bringing in over $19,000!  Plus, my list has grown 300% since then too. Bonus!

I also got more clear about who I serve best, who I have the most fun working with, and how to implement systems that keep clients flowing in (instead of me scrambling to get them when I “ran out.”). This has led to the most unexpected shift of all: I have FUN marketing and I get more return by doing less, working with my favorite clients ever!

admin_monkeyAna N.
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Jen L.

Let me just share a few of my successes!

  • My list has gone from 50 to 1,020!
  • My Facebook Page has gone from a few hundred likes to 3,300! That’s right! 3,300!!!
  • I am so much more confident with sharing my gifts with the world. In fact, I have learned, WHO AM I NOT TO SHARE THEM?!
  • I am now helping families affected by Autism throughout the United States (instead of just my small town.)
  • I got paid to present at the Annual Autism Conference!
  • I have made more in the past 6 months than I made in all of last year!
  • I’ve never been happier!

Christine, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have taught me that I am worth investing in. I am helping so many more families because I now know how to reach them. This process hasn’t just transformed my business, but I continue to learn and love new qualities about myself. I am more aware of my limiting beliefs and how to break through them. My business continues to soar… I am so grateful that you have come into my life. Thank you!

admin_monkeyJen L.
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