Glad D.

Before I discovered Christine’s Uplevel Your Business Program, I didn’t really have a business. What I had was more of an idea. I knew I had skills and experience, but what I needed was a step-by-step road map to show me how to do start a business from the ground up.  Well, that’s exactly what I got. A simple road map with easy-to-follow steps I never would’ve figured out on my own! And within a year of going through the

Uplevel Your Business program, I had my first 5-figure month. Plus, I am making a better income than I ever imagined possible doing what I love. I am living proof that Uplevel Your Business works. Thank you, Christine, for handing me a map that lead me to where I am today!

admin_monkeyGlad D.
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Sue L.

I didn’t have a business when I began. I only had an idea – and I still had a job.  But I followed everything Christine taught me… to the letter.

Within one year, I’d started a national association, I got my first 100 members, and had the structures and stay-in-touch/sales systems built.  

18 months later I left my position at the hospital, sold out my first annual conference in 1 day, had my first corporate sponsor and even more members.  

Now, I have 3 companies. I have a team. I work with several corporate sponsors, have hundreds of passionate members, sell out our annual conference nearly every year, and teach a revolutionary leadership program for healthcare professionals – things I couldn’t have imagined.

In other words, Uplevel Your Business helped me create, not just a business, but a movement.  If you want your business (and your life) to grow, don’t give this another thought.  Do Uplevel your Business.

admin_monkeySue L.
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Kira L-D.

My husband and I own a local seafood shop, and when I started Uplevel Your Business, we were struggling mightily. But I did the work each week – and using just a few of the techniques Christine taught me, I saw immediate increases in our customers and sales. Within two years, we had surpassed the $1M mark, and after that we grew to $1.25M.

admin_monkeyKira L-D.
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Ruth D.

I’ve been self-employed for years. I had a decent steady income. But I was tired of working hours for dollars and needed help to take things to a new level.  

I decided to invest in Uplevel your Business — and it paid for itself in the first 3 months.   And…I’m NOT exaggerating here.  My business income has grown 150% in less than one year!

Now I have new programs in place for both of my businesses, and I am officially making passive income. And it just keeps getting better and better the more I apply what I learned.

admin_monkeyRuth D.
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Colleen O.

I already had my own thriving therapy practice – but I was playing small, and slowly but surely getting tired. I KNEW I could show up much bigger in my work, for my clients, and in my HOW!  (Christine teaches this concept of the HOW.) I knew it was time. I was ready.

Using what I learned from Christine, I not only increased my income by $16K per year INSTANTLY – but my practice is now ALWAYS full!

Then, I’m expanded my services to include an entirely new program called Power Your Parenting™ – based on what I am most passionate about – mother/daughter relationships during the teenage years.

Christine helped me get clear and actually CREATE an amazing direction (and new income stream) that I never saw coming!

I went on to write a book based on the Power Your Parenting program — and am now a best-selling author, a national speaker – and still love working in my therapy practice! I’m playing big in every way!

admin_monkeyColleen O.
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