Lisa Z.

I come from a healing background, so building a business has meant a steep learning curve.

I tried to model the teachings of successful people who operate much differently than I do, which left me frustrated and not able to create the business I dreamed of. It’s a profound ache to have a gift, or a dream and not be able to realize it.

I was blessed to discover Christine. Imagine having a brilliant, creative, laser-sharp business coach embodied in this accessible, quirky, hilariously funny, plain-talking, direct and supportive girlfriend who holds your hand to walk you through the steps of building a business (and she knows her business!) – and who will NEVER give up on you!

Christine made confusing things simple and made impossible tasks possible.  

I made $100,000 in my healing business the first year after Uplevel Your Business.  But the best part is that I did it authentically, using the value already in my business but never even realized was there!

admin_monkeyLisa Z.
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